Sunday, 4 October 2009

Just Breathe

My hands were cold. They always get cold when I'm nervous. My friends were chatting all around me but I couldn't concentrate on their words. My mind was elsewhere, on what was going to happen in just a few minutes...

Finally, my father called me to the stage. I stood up slowly. My legs were shaking and it would've been very embarassing if I stumbled or fell with all those pairs of eyes looking my way. I made it to the stage without any major trouble. The hardest part was climbing on top, with my heels, trying not to step on any of the cables. But by some miracle, I managed alright.

Once on top, my eyes caught sight of the enormous amount of people standing there, looking my way. So many people to impress. My breath had sped up, just like the rythm of my heart. My legs were still shaking and I prayed to God that no one would take notice of this.

The first chords started.

I closed my eyes and said to myself:

Just breathe


1 comment:

  1. oh! nice story... i wanna be a rockstar...
    did u sing well?? i'm sure about that lol