Sunday, 22 November 2009

Can't help it

This Friday I went to see New Moon with my friends(original version, which is, I discovered on Saturday, much better than translated to Spanish). Before anyone says anything: yes, I am a twilight fan and yes, I know it is corny,cliche and whatelse but, hey, I am a sucker for romance, and for amazingly perfect male fictional characters. And no, I can't help it.

The first film was a huge disappointment but this one was better. I think. Maybe I have to see it more to judge...Hmm...

Well,my point is, it is better partly for the fact that Robert Pattinson doesn't appear so much in the movie. It is kind of sad that I spent all the time looking for Edward when I was reading the book and now I don't want to see him. But,come on! He's such a horrible actor! It gives me the chills! And he's not even handsome, so please, please can somebody tell me why they had to choose him?

Because I personally find very confusing that in the books I can't stop thinking that Bella is an idiot for even thinking of Jacob and that Jacob should just die. But in the movie how can I help but think: Forget about that horrible vampire and just kiss the droolingly hot werewolf already! And yes, Robert, you should have stayed with your shirt on cause, let me tell you, you wish you were half as hot as Taylor, and if he had to gain 30kg of muscle to stay in the movies, then you should too(excuse the hormones).

Ahh,I feel much better now =)

So yes, remember not to judge ;)


PD. The part that they missed that I missed the most:


  1. I'll always be Team Jasper :) I reaally dislike jacob, he just seems arrogant in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and Edward is so controlling and ignorant, it annoys me slightly. but jasper is my favourite guy, and everyone says i'm just like Alice, so.. :) xx

  2. Well, i think jacob would have been just perfect for bella when he was human. i really hate how werwolf-jake turns out. but human-jacob... <3
    besides, i still dream of other actors for EVERYONE :)
    i will see the movie on wednesday, when it comes out in germany. can't wait!

  3. i love jacob. like you, i hated jacob, but he is absolutely hot as!no wonder why she loves him

  4. I think it´s great to have something to love and be happy thank to it! Movies are great for this because you can watch them again and again whenever you want and you can be (at least a little) happy whenewver you want:)