Friday, 4 June 2010

About friendships, bad friendships and the ending of friendships

Sometimes in your life, people disappoint you and sadly there's nothing you can do to stop them. Most times, it comes as a surprise. A very unpleasant surprise.

I am not an open person. It is hard to gain my complete trust. Few people have managed this, and I consider them pretty great. When  I do open up though, I do it completely. With my heart and soul. I give it all for the people I love and I expect at least a portion of that in return.

I let you in.

I trusted you.

You were very important to me.

I wasn't to you.

You know, it it pretty standard to fight with the people you love. You can't agree in everything. You might say things you regret, but at the end everything is forgiven,right?

That's what you thought.

But boy, did you cross the line.



  1. I felt like this a while ago, and it really got to me.
    It sounds incredibly stupid & corny, but really all you can do is move on.

    Not Forgive & Forget, but move on.

    love catherine. xo

  2. Wow, you just spoke directly from my heart.
    I don't really know what to do now, either. Good luck for you, in any case.

  3. this was so raw and so real.
    I'm sorry you were betrayed. I feel like that's all I can say.