Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Lovely Blog of Randomness Award

I am so excited because I just received an award from Abby! Thank you so much, really!

The rules of the Lovely Blog of Randomness Award are:

1. Display this award in some way on your blog.
2. Name 17 of your favourite random things.
3. Award four of your favourite random bloggers!
4. Make sure to check all of the nominee's blogs!


I award:

For being always so nice to me and having beautiful blogs :).

Okay! So now to the randomness...

1. I love to dance to my ipod whem I'm taking my dog for a walk.
2. I love to walk around the house with no shoes on.
3. I love to not be able to sleep directly so I can dream awake in bed.
4. I love when I have eye contact with a stranger and they smile at me.
5. I love singing my friends to sleep when we have a sleepover.
6. I love to watch movies with a romantic happy ending, even if they are no good.
7. I love to have the most random conversation with my friends.
8. I love knowing that, if someone heard us, they would think we're crazy.
9. I love baking carrot cakes.
10. I love showing people that carrot cakes are delicious.
11. I love to play at the beach when there are waves.
11. I love spending the whole day lying in bed and just reading.
12. I love getting tired of laughing.
13. I love to cuddle in bed when its cold.
14. I love to invent random songs with my brother.
15. I love bear hugs.
16. I love to feel the sun on my skin.
17. I love visiting new places and getting to know new cultures.

So...thats it!

Thank you all for listening, as always. 


PS. What do you think of my blog changes? Like them? Don't like them?

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  1. Thanks heaps for the tag :)
    I'll try and get around to doing it soon but because I'm going to China, sorry if I forget, feel free to remind me.
    You're lovely.