Saturday, 8 May 2010

Masochism and just plain human weirdness

Tonight I slept at my friend's house and we spent the night talking. You know, five girls together...That is a lot of talking. And she told us about her and her perfect boyfriend with which she's been for three years and they love each other to pieces and they make everyone jealous because everyone wants what they have. And she had, somehow, made up a problem in her mind which made both of them really sad.

Which got me thinking.

I know, weird,huh?

Have you ever realised that people can't be too long happy? They are incapable of accepting that there is nothing wrong. It almost seems as if they enjoy the sufferment that comes with the problems. Like they crave it. Pure masochism, if you ask me. But it seems to be true, at least from my perspective. We create these ridiculous problems in our head which don't exist. And we cry, and we tell our girlfriends, and we eat chocolate...All for nothing, because it is not there.

It's like we sabotage our lifes.

And really, if we could get rid of all our internal dramas, we would be so much happier. Maybe it's because we take life to seriously, I don't know.

Or maybe, we just get bored of doing always the same thing.

However, even when you know this, it's stillhard to tell your mind to just stop it already.